How to Cook Daring

Design, Art Direction

Daring 100% plant chicken looks, cooks and tastes just like its animal counterpart. To prove it, we created tutorial videos showing preferred cooking methods, giving each one its own little flare of personality.

With Food Artist & Director extraordinaire David Ma and foodies across Instagram, we showcase different ways to cook up Daring and encourage viewers to put their own spin on it.

Created with:

Daring Team:
Jeff Samson, Creative Director
Ellis Sant’Andrea, Associate Creative Director
Kristin Cubbison, Senior Copywriter
Emilie-Georgia Dodds, Designer
Joseph Ng, Associate Designer

David Ma, Director
Marcus Scigliano, 1st AD
Colin Lewis, Producer
John Shafto, VFX
Charlotte Omnès, Thu Buser, Matthew Davis, Food Styling
Lucas Godlewski, Art Director
Christina Read, Set Design
Yoshi Ebata, Props
Kelsey Leland, Art Assist

Caitlin Sakdalan
Brian Lindo
Marisel Salazar