Holistic Health Healing

Brand Identity

Holistic Health Healing empowers you to look within to care for your mind, body, and spirit. The therapy practice blends together yoga, movement, talk therapy, breath work, and aromatherapy as a unique approach to maintaining and sustaining your wellbeing. 

As we began the brand-building process, we sought inspiration from spaces where someone may look to take a beat from their day-to-day, such as the beach, spas, and retreats. The logomark signifies a window through which one may look out to the path to healing, and it’s supplemented with color, typography, and accompanying iconography.

Driven by Holistic Health Healing’s mission, this visual identity system was created to help destigmatize therapy and reimagine what it looks like to address traumas and heal.

Created with:

Joseph Ng (Designer)
Brooke Milo (Founder, NGNG Agency)
Jean Pyo (Creative Lead)